Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Truth (part deux)

I didn't quite keep up with my last promise to myself.  And wow, where has the time gone?

But I'm feeling more hopeful that I can now, after several starts and stops and restarts.  Now that I have polished off the Cheez-Its (ahem, an hour or so ago) and regained my grasp on my resolve (I was weak, alone, stressed over the Barbies, it just happened!). But I won't let it happen again. ;-)

How did it get to be June already?  Here I week and one day into my kids' summer break, and already feeling time slipping away. Only 9 weeks and 1 day left! Has our Summer To Do list been conquered? Has it been started?

Why, yes. Yesterday, we took Eleanor out to Olive Garden for her 8th birthday, after nearly failing, and then finally succeeding in getting her ears pierced. Her ears look more grown up, even if she doesn't. ;-)

And in between the ear piercing and the late dinner at Olive Garden, was the girls' last regular season softball game. They were one player short, so instead of playing a regular game, they did a 3-inning practice game. Turns out that 3 innings is just long enough to for Bea to have to use the porta potties only once, and not twice, but not so long that we have to make an emergency trip to the snack bar for popcorn.

And the girls were happy: Paige got 2 hits and El got one double (a double only because the other team overthrew it to the first base girl, but a double none the less). And then, after dinner, we stopped at Dollar Tree and the 3 youngest of the littles all bought their own kitchen timers. They were very excited, now they can time themselves and keep track of their own minutes for the library reading program. Yay, pure happiness.

And tonight, since were so stuffed with Olive Garden last night, is celebratory ice cream for El's birthday, after dinner, after piano lessons. After I pick the kids up (see, the day is blown anyway, might as well not worry about the Cheez-Its)...

At the moment, all 4 kids are at grandma's, and I'm digging through boxes of my old Barbies, Barbie clothes, related sized dolls, and yes, some spare Barbie heads.

The Sunshine Family, with Grandpa and his missing eyes.

The oversize Darcy dolls; poor Darcy, who could never fit her giant feet into any of Barbie's delicate plastic molded slippers.

My goal is to list them on eBay, to clear them out of the closet, to pay for a family vacation with the profits (or at least a family trip to Baskin Robbins). My goals are always a little lofty: aim high, right?

But it's a start. It turns out today I might just get them all sorted: the Sunshines from the Barbies, Donny and Marie (yes, Osmond) with all their outfits and Donny's purple socks from the Bionic Woman and her cohorts, the Darcys from the Dawns. It's doable. One hour til the kids need to be picked up to go piano lessons, U2 on the stereo, the Cheez-Its are finished and the evidence destroyed, my conscience is clear.

Go Time. Have a great day. ;-)

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