Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School's..........out, for summer...

And it's 61 degrees. And rainy. Fab.

Here, in Indiana, we had 85 degree days in March, and over Memorial Day weekend, it reached into the mid-nineties. But now that it's June, and school's out, and all the kids want to swim...it's raining.

So we will march on, making our summer list, awaiting nicer, warmer, sunnier weather. Maybe we'll stay in and clean house. Oh, the kids would love that. Haha. Mean mom!

Henry's baseball game may get rained out tonight, and the first swim team practice of the summer may get cancelled due to cold--but our house will sparkle! What a fun mom I am.


So here it is. And you can tell it's the last day of school, too.

There are piles...and I'm not exaggerating...PILES of papers, art projects, worn out folders, broken down crayons, and dried up highlighters---littering our living room floor. The place where the kids come in the door and plop it all down. It's summer again. :-)

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