Saturday, August 6, 2011

On the eve of my 38th birthday...

I just got a digital SLR from the Mailman and kiddos for an early birthday gift. I'm still sort of in shock, we are usually a non-gift giving couple, and to get something like this is far more than I ever would have imagined. So expect pictures soon. :-0

And the play room/craft room is coming along nicely. Still not done but nicely. And our new to us kitchen table looks huge in our kitchen. Hoping it will look a little better after it's painted because right now it just dwarfs the kitchen!

So tomorrow is another new start. I love new starts. I love do-overs. I love another chance to get it right. To get what right---I don't know. The family, the house, the, me. That's a big one. I am on my way. It's all on its way.

But I still love the idea of the fresh start.

Happy Early Birthday to me.

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