Friday, August 12, 2011


Random Item #1
I really want to blog everyday. I really do. I think about blogging a lot. I have a lot of partially finished posts that never get posted, because I get halfway through and I think, hmmmmm...that isn't really blog-worthy. And I read a lot of blogs and some of those blog moms are so gosh darn interesting! And wonderfully crafty and homeschool-y and funny and bake-y (I know, I'm making up words here, just go with it.)

But I know, really, this is for me to remember. It's really so I don't forget the little things. And the big things. And the bad and good things and funny and sweet things. So if it's something I want to remember, that makes it blog-worthy. And I'm in a repainting mode. And I want a nice coastal-surfy looking house, right here in the middle of Indiana. (Yeah, just never mind that part.)

Random Item #2 
Today, honestly I had sort of cranky day.

The kids squabbled a lot. They squabbled over school supplies (Eleanor got the big box of crayons with the sharpener in the back and apparently Henry had crayon envy, since he had the forty cent Walmart 24 pack). Injustice? Yes, probably. But Eleanor asked for the big pack and he did not. I told him next time we go we'll get him the big pack too. It just doesn't seem worth it to not get the big pack if that's all it takes for peace.

They squabbled while playing school. Henry decided he wanted to be a student who had just moved in from another town. Which would be fine, except that apparently Eleanor had already decided she was going to be a student who had just moved in from another town, and he was just copying.

They squabbled during their practice for SchoolHouse Rock Live (long story, but they are often involved in community theater and at home, they like to recreate productions they have performed in, only with a 3 or 4 person) cast. Eleanor is the director, and Henry didn't feel like practicing, or dancing right, or whatever.

And Henry sprayed a mostly empty can of spray paint in his eye, screaming repeatedly and exclaiming, "you said it was empty!!" Flushed with water 15 minutes, call to doctor, and all is well.

Notice a theme here? the middle kids are the ones causing all the trouble.

Then there was the issue with the baby bunnies and the dog.....maybe a story for another day. ;-)

But tonight?...........

Random Item #3
The 4 of them are having their first camp out in the backyard. At least right now they are out there. They started out swimmingly, getting along and playing Apples to Apples Jr. by flashlight. Then there were some screams, and another run in with the bunny and the dog. Then some arguing about I don't even know what. I looked out the back window to the tent (which is almost pitch black) and Henry said "Paige did this to me". Like I know what this is.

It's a little chilly out there tonight. And then, of course, there are the mosquitoes. And a possible chance of rain. So we'll see how long it lasts. But for now, they're camping out.

Random Item #4
El to Bea: I can run faster than you.

Bea to El: I can run faster than you. We can run faster than each other. That's why we're best friends.

and then they gave each other a big hug.

I love that kind of random stuff.

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