Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful, Day 7

I so hope to have a better week this week than last. I am rearranging my to do list to accommodate not finishing up last week (and barely making a dent, to be honest).

And lest I forget to mention it....

Today I am thankful for the peace and quiet and Bible reading and coffee while everyone is gone but me. When Bea is at preschool, that is when I am able to really focus on my Bible reading. I am in the middle of 2 Kings, which, to be perfectly honest, is not totally inspiring to me (not like Psalms or Proverbs or much of the New Testament) but it is my desire to know the whole Bible and not just bits and pieces that provide me encouragement. I see God's hand at work throughout all of the Old Testament, even in the parts that are hard to understand, and the parts might seem a little boring (dimensions and materials used in the temple, anyone?).

It's my desire to know where all of it came from, and to know all of God's word (it was all inspired, so I figure, who am I to pick and choose?)

(and that red paper is the "heart" that Bea made for me, it's those little things that little kids do that make me want to squeeze them and not let them grow up.

In all the madness and chaos, I am thankful for the peace and quiet.

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