Tuesday, November 1, 2011


November gets neglected a lot on the whole. When it begins, our Jack O Lanterns are still smiling and lit, and candy bags are dripping full. By the end of it, we've stuffed ourselves over Thanksgiving and are caught up in a flurry of Christmas planning and activity. It starts with piles of leaves still and ends (sometimes) with piles of snow. And sometimes in between we forget the Main Event of the month. (and I don't mean Black Friday). Perhaps we have the big meal and pore over the ads, but I know personally, I rarely stop and think to be thankful.

It's a tragedy, really. And I know this is no new concept but I am going to stop. Everything. And take time to be thankful. I'm going to stop the to do list and the self-improvement scheme and stop long enough each day of this month to think about what is more important than my plan to make life more livable. And more organized and all that jazz.

Because I really am thankful, deep down, for so much. I'm sure I don't do the best job of expressing that, but I really truly am.

So, today, November 1,  I am thankful for

These Five People (the husband and children of not so Supermom )
These people mean the world to me. (never mind the grumpy, Strangers with Candy look on the little one's face, she does not usually cooperate for photos... ;-)

From the husband who tells me I'm beautiful daily (and I do mean daily, even though I roll my eyes daily, because I not feel beautiful) to the kids who wrap their little arms around me and tell me they love me, and tell me I'm a good mommy, and tell me how pretty I am (again, I try to resist the eye rolling but I don't feel it at all). And they seem to quickly forget all the times I get impatient and yell (yes, yes, I do), or forget to sign the permission slips, or burn dinner.

They are a wonderful group of people I get to live life with (and at this point, my  8 year old would likely tell me I can't end a sentence with a preposition...she has learned a lot in 3rd grade so far!)

And not just because of the compliments, because one could chalk all that up to flattery, if one felt like it, and it would be easy to wonder what they are looking to get by complimenting me...though they never ask. But just because. I am blessed to have them.

The Mailman just told me this morning (well he texted me this but I'm sure it was sincere).........that God loves me so much and that God wants me to be at peace. He lives daily with my personal turmoil, he is on the receiving end of most of my stress, and as much as he tries to make things better for me, and make me feel like a better mom/better wife/better housekeeper/better person...he knows he's just another person, and can't do it all.

So he took the time and effort to remind me that it's not just him on my side...God is on my side.

And for that, I am so thankful.

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