Monday, January 9, 2012

Job Interview

Yes, me. Job Interview.

It's been a while. But I had one today. And it didn't kill me. I walked away relatively unscathed. And calm. And I didn't feel nauseous the whole time.

Ten plus years ago (the last time I had a job interview...yikes!), I felt just horrible every time I had an interview. Nervous, shaking, miserable, sick to my stomach, pretty much the whole time.

So what has changed? I'm older--perhaps being in my thirties (and way too close to forty, even) helps? Perhaps having four kids--does having kids really give you nerves of steel? or do you just get so used to stress and chaos that in contrast, sitting in a calm room being peered at by five women seems like a day at a spa. Or a lunch out with old friends?

or maybe it's that I wasn't nervous about being perfect because going in, I wasn't 100% sure I even wanted the job. It's more hours than I want, ideally, slightly later in the afternoon than I would like--and honestly, do I really even want to go back to work after this long being home?

At any rate, I felt oddly relaxed, confident, funny even--got a few giggles and knowing smiles from women who were not intimidating. I didn't feel like a little kid who didn't know what she was doing, as I have in previous job interviews.

So whether or not I get it, I think I'm ready. If the interview went that well, surely the job couldn't be too bad. Right?

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